SPELL BEE ACADEMY is the vision of Debashis Pati.

He is working towards 'Spelling Learning' reaching as many students as possible worldwide. His advice is, "Make Spelling Learning a Habit."

It is proposed that you use one or more of the following to boost Spelling Learning of your child : # Word Lists # Workbooks # Tests/Quizzes # Exams # Classes

Author of "Maximum Number" of Spelling Books in the World.

Only Individual to have authored books for "Multiple" Spell bee Exams.

Author of "Maximum Number" of Spelling Tests in the World.


SPELL BEE Program - SUNDAY TESTS ... Pati's Test & Learn Method ... Junior KG to Class 10

We are pleased to inform you about this 1st ever worldwide Spelling initiative of its kind.

This program - SUNDAY TESTS - has participants from most continents. It has been running "Live Non Stop for over 200 SUNDAYs" now ... with the same Spelling Dictator ... a "World Record" in itself.

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How to Improve Spelling of Your Child

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About Us

How To Improve Your Child's English Spelling

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling learning initiative. We have TWO focused activities to catalyse spelling learning, WORLDWIDE.

Support Spelling Learning

Make available a wide range of learning material for "multiple" spelling bee exams ... More than anyone else in the World

Test Spelling Learning

Conduct "100% Spelling" Spell Bee exams across countries - with maximum reach, good preparation opportunity and minimum cost / stress for parents.



You may consider our SPELLING LEARNING PROGRAM for ALL the students of your school.

No fee for all students of Senior KG / UKG to Class 10, Year-after-Year.

No fee is due to our worldwide H&D Scholarship Program, fully funded by Debashis Pati.

Registered Schools since 2021

Spelling Milestone.

English has about a million words.
Each word has a different spelling.
Knowing 10,000 of them should be one's milestone.

What is a Word?

  1. A Word is a combination of letters in a fixed order - its SPELLING
  2. A Word is a combination of sounds in a fixed order - its PRONUNCIATION
  3. A Word has a reason for being in a sentence - its MEANING
  4. A Word can be used for different reasons in sentences - its PART OF SPEECH

Pati's 5 Step Learn-n-Test PLAN

spell bee academy

# Spelling Learning is a serious matter.

Here are real life moments from the night before a Spell Bee exam for the siblings.