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  • Let us together Help Your Child know the "CORRECT" Spelling.

    Greetings to you from SPELL BEE ACADEMY.

    SPELL BEE ACADEMY is a worldwide spelling learning initiative.

    We have TWO focussed activities to catalyse spelling learning among students, WORLDWIDE.

    # MAKE THEM LEARN : Make available a wide range of preparatory study material for "multiple" spelling bee exams ... More than anyone else in the World.

    Conduct online classes.

    # TEST THEM : Conduct "100% Spelling" Spell Bee exams across countries - with maximum reach, good preparation opportunity and mimimum cost / stress for parents.

    Provide exam options to suit one's passion, time and budget.

    SPELL BEE ACADEMY is the vision of Debashis Pati.

    He -

    # has written the maximum number of spelling books (all available at amazon.in)

    # is the 1st individual to author books for "multiple" spell bee exams

    # has designed SPELL BEE tests and exams

    # has hands on experience of 'multiple' spell bee competitions, as a parent of two

    # is a Phonics Teacher Trainerand a Spelling / Phonics / Grammar Teacher

    # fully funds the worldwide H&D Scholarship program for students


    We are glad to present to you a series of Pati's Spelling Ability Tester (SAT).

    There is a Spelling Ability Test grade wise, for Senior KG to Class 5 students.

    Do click on the SAT for your child's grade below to proceed.

    These tests are free as per our H&D Scholarship program. It is free for all students of all countries, forever. It can be given anytime, anyday.

    You will get your Test Score after giving your SAT.

    WHAT NEXT suggestion is also provided at the end (after the test process is completed).

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  • # For queries whatsapp 'SPELL BEE ACADEMY' to +91 9820354672.

    Come let us together give your child the right beginning!