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Class 5

"Listening is about understanding what one heard. A must for any good student". - Debashis Pati.

"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen." - Ernest Hemingway.

So, we wish to push your child to listen better ... with concentration.

LISTENER BEE is expected to be the "push".

Here are 48 audio clips for Class 5.

Child has to listen to an audio clip and answer multiple choice questions.

Do not listen to more than one audio clip at a time.

The question sets are provided after Audio Clip 48 on this webpage.

Click on each audio clip and then immediately do the corresponding Question Set

with speed within 5 minutes. Do not read the Question Set before listening to

an audio clip.

Listen to an audio clip only once before doing it's Questions Set.

Practice these multiple times with sufficient time gap.

Audio clips in the exams will be different from these.

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What follows are question sets for each of the above audio clips.

# 1. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 1

1. How many princes were there?

A. Five B. Three C. Two

2. How were the princes?

A. Old B. Young C. Baby

3. Who was the most learned?

A. Youngest B. Eldest C. None of them

4. What did the eldest like?

A. Physical fitness B. Small animals C. Both A and B

5. What was two kilometer away?

A. Temple B. Castle C. Garden

6. Where were the rare species of trees?

A. Palace B. Castle C. Botanical garden

7. What did the eldest do in the morning?

A. Jog B. Horse riding C. Yoga

8. Which bruised animal was there?

A. Rabbit B. Dog C. Lamb

9. Who had attacked the bruised animal?

A. Leopard B. Cobra C. Dog

10. What was the shrub used for?

A. To beautify B. To hide C. To make X-mas tree

# 2. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 2

1. Who was Mrs Tripathi?

A. Grandma B. Neighbour C. Cousin

2. When did I pass by her flat?

A. Today B. Saturday C. Sunday

3. Whom did I see at Mrs Tripathi’s flat?

A. Her cousin B. Her daughter C. Her sister

4. Why was Threesha in pain?

A. Having fever B. Coughing badly C. Sprained ankle

5. Where did we take Threesha?

A. Nurse B. Surgeon C. Homeopath

6. Who gave the injection?

A. Doctor B. Nurse C. Compounder

7. What was Threesha not supposed to have?

A. Ice cream B. Cold drink C. Both

8. In how many days was Threesha fine?

A. One B. Two C. Three

9. Which parlour did we visit?

A. Beauty B. Food C. Ice cream

10. What happened the day after the visit to the parlour?

A. Fever B. Coughing C. Stomach ache

# 3. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 3

1. On which day did we go out for lunch?

A. Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday

2. How did we go from home to the restaurant?

A. By taxi B. By auto C. Walking

3. What was served to welcome us?

A. Cold drink B. Butter milk C. Juice

4. Then the ______ card was given.

A. Rate B. Visiting C. Menu

5. Did the lunch arrive immediately?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

6. What did we share in our family group?

A. Menu B. Welcome drink C. Selfies

7. We attended to calls while having lunch?

A. Yes B. No C. Yes, one call only

8. We talked about the ........... Spelling bee exam.

A. Just over B. WIZ National C. Forthcoming

9. Which program was costly?

A. Thali B. Orientation C. Dessert

10. Who dozed off at the nearby park?

A. Mom B. Siblings C. Dad

# 4. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 4

1. I am ... for some time now.

A. Out of town B. Hungry C. Sick

2. How is my room?

A. Cosy B. Comfortable C. Both

3. What could I see from my room?

A. Kitchen garden B. Upvan lake C. Lane

4. The flowers were ........ and the bees were buzzing.

A. Falling B. Blooming C. Dead

5. Who passed on the lane first?

A. Girl B. Boy C. Mr Taneja

6. What is the one word for “a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch”?

A. Super B. Brunch C. Meal

7. Why do we go to Upvan lake?

A. For eating B. Get water / umbrella C. For fishing

8. Who was handsome and had evening tea with us?

A. Our neighbour B. Mr Taneja C. Fisherman

9. Why was it said, “How I wish I get well now”?

A. To go out B. To meet Mr Taneja C. To go fishing

10. Whom did I see humming?

A. A girl B. A boy C. None

# 5. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 5

1. In which month were we to meet?

A. December B. January C. February

2. Why did we plan to meet?

A. Visit our school B. Visit Capital Hospital C. Visit school teachers

3. I suggest you come from Kendrapada by .....

A. Bus B. Car C. Train

4. Where were we to have lunch?

A. School B. Hospital C. Home

5. Where were we to go first?

A. School B. Hospital C. None of the two

6. Which flower will be more in the bouquet?

A. Orchid B. Rose C. Tulip

7. How many teachers were we to meet at school?

A. None B. Two C. Three

8. The hospital is only 4 ..... away from the school.

A. Kilometer B. Mile C. Hours

9. Were the teachers to be informed about our visit?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. What is one word for a period of ten years?

A. Century B. Decade C. Years

# 6. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 6

1. What has happened?

A. Best B. Worst C. Unknown

2. I was selected for the next round.

A. No B. Yes C. Can’t say

3. This time I had done very well in the ..... round .

A. Oral B. Final C. Written

4. What is blamed for the failure?

A. Trick B. Luck C. Exam

5. What got shattered due to the result fo the exam?

A. Dreams B. Exam C. Glass

6. What is the antonym of happiness, felt by my parents?

A. Happy B. Sad C. Glad

7. Who informed the grandparents about my result?

A. None B. I C. My parents

8. Who were to accompany me for the final exam?

A. Parents B. Grandparents C. Friend

9. Why was Aanya being told all this?

A. Get relief B. Friend for long time C. Both the above

10. 'Catch up' is a phrasal verb used. What was I to do after catching up?

A. Long evening walk B. Short evening walk C. Have tea

# 7. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 7

1. Where did I see the message?

A. SMS B. e mail C. whatsapp

2. What was the message about?

A. Russian doll B. Russian ballet C. Russian circus

3. In which month was the discussed event?

A. December B. February C. January

4. What was to be booked?

A. Russia B. Program C. Ticket

5. For whom I had planned to buy ticket?

A. Myself B. My sister C. Both of us

6. Which words represent ‘a fast selling item‘?

A. Hot coffee B. Hot cake C. Hot dog

7. Where do I plan to reach before time?

A. Opera House B. Ticket window C. Friend’s place

8. Convey my regards to your ...... .

A. Goodself B. Parents C. Grandparents

9. Whom was I informing?

A. My B F F B. My sister C. My parents

10. How did I ask for the message to be sent?

A. whatsapp B. Telephone call C. Letter

# 8. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 8

1. Which event was it about?

A. New Year 2017 B. New Year 2018 C. Lakeview

2. Where was the event to be help?

A. Banquet B. Rooftop C. Basement

3. What did all night long mean?

A. through the night B. through the day C. tonight

4. How many DJs were mentioned?

A. One B. More than one C. None

5. Does mocktail have a tail?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

6. Which tracks were to be played?

A. Hollywood B. Tollywood C. Bollywood

7. How many course dinner was mentioned?

A. Five B. Thali C. Seven

8. There was mention of ...... brunch..

A. Supplementary B. Complimentary C. Through the night

9. What is usher in ‘usher the New Year?’

A. Announce B. Party C. Brunch

10. New Year party is a/an .... event.

A. Daily B. Monthly C. Annual

# 9. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 9

1. When did the event shared by me happen?

A. Today B. Yesterday C. Tomorrow

2. What was saved by me?

A. Money B. Time C. Life

3. I heard cries from the ... .

A. Hut B. Shanty C. Hiya’s house

4. What did I see rising up?

A. Fire B. Smoke C. Balloon

5. The lady yelling for help was .... .

A. Far away B. Old C. Handicapped

6. Who was inside?

A. Hiya B. Old lady C. A boy

7. How was the son related to the yelling lady?

A. Grandson B. Neighbour C. Mother

8. Who kissed hundred times?

A. Neighbours B. Old lady C. Boy

9. She then ......... on my feet.

A. Tied B. Kicked C. Fell

10. I will not do such acts in future.

A. Can’t say B. No C. Yes

# 10. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 10

1. Which type of violence was referred?

A. Street violence B. No violence C. Non violence

2. What did Gandhiji fight for?

A. He never fought B. Freedom C. Truth

3. When did Gandhiji steal?

A. Was old B. Was young C. Was a baby

4. What did rough him up mean?

A. Beat him up B. Do before final work C. Scratch him up

5. What did he steal?

A. Purse B. Money C. Candy

6. From where did Gandhiji steal?

A. Pants B. India C. Purse

7. Who accepted the apology?

A. Gandhiji B. Father C. British

8. It was his first brush with ... .

A. Truth B. British C. Purse

9. What was the surname of Mahatma?

A. Mohandas B. Karamchand C. None of these

10. Gandhiji was fond of the British in India.

A. Yes B. No C. At times

# 11. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 11

1. Is pumpkin a fruit?

A. May be B. No C. Yes

2. To which family does pumpkin belong?

A. Vegetable B. Fruit C. Cucumber

3. Pumpkins are commonly used for ... decorations.

A. Marriage B. Halloween C. Christmas

4. From where did Jack-o-lantern start?

A. India B. USA C. Ireland

5. Pumpkin has 90% ...... .

A. Thick Shells B. Big seeds C. Water

6. Pumpkins are good source for ... .

A. Vitamin A B. Fiber C. Both

7. Pumpkin is not a heavy item.

A. Always correct B. Not correct C. Only during winter

8. No one eats flowers of a pumpkin plant.

A. Correct B. Incorrect C. Tribals eat it

9. Pumpkin is grown across countries.

A. Yes B. No C. In India only

10. Flowers of a pumpkin plant are .... ?

A. Male B. Female C. Both

# 12. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 12

1. The humming bird is a mid sized bird.

A. Correct B. Incorrect C. Not known

2. Its eggs are bigger than a currency .... .

A. Note B. Coin C. Name

3. Which part of its body causes the humming noise?.

A. Mouth B. Beak C. Wings

4. Humming bird can walk and hop like a rabbit.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

5. Like other birds it cannot fly backward.

A. Agree B. Disagree C. Only on water

6. A humming bird, like dogs, has a great sense of smell.

A. Yes B. No C. Used to be earlier

7. A humming bird can fly upside down.

A. Don’t joke B. It’s a fact C. All birds can do it.

8. It laps .... with its tongue.

A. Air B. Flower C. Nectar

9. Given its size it can only breathe slowly?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. It flaps its wings with great speed and also flies fast.

A. No B. Yes C. Can’t say

# 13. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 13

1. Name one of the largest flying birds?

A. Kite B. Peacock C. Owl

2. Peacocks eat ... .

A. Insects B. Seeds C. Both

3. Peacocks are .... in flying.

A. Strong B. Weak C. Cannot fly

4. Which is the male bird?

A. Peacock B. Peahen C. Pearooster

5. Weakness of peacocks is their need to stay alone.

A. False B. True C. Not known

6. What is a group of peacocks called?

A. Herd B. School C. Party

7. What is the tail of a peacock covered with?

A. Wings B. Scales C. Feathers

8. What do peacocks display when they dance?

A. Tongue B. Feathers C. Funny face

9. Peacocks feed on dead animals.

A. False B. True C. Only when it rains

10. They dance before ..... .

A. Earthquake B. Autumn C. Rain

# 14. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 14

1. What did I see before going to sleep?

A. Comedy film B. Horror film C. TV serial

2. The .... from the movie were in my mind.

A. Dialogues B. Characters C. Scenes

3. Why was there thunder and lightning?

A. Monsoon time B. Night time C. Volcano had erupted

4. Which is one word for ‘at a lower level than’?

A. Behind B. Beside C. Beneath

5. What sound did I hear?

A. Sound of thunder B. Strange sound C. Both

6. Who was frightened and yelled?

A. A cat B. I C. Thunder

7. The door of my room was ... .

A. Broken B. Open C. Closed

8. Who knelt down and laughed?

A. I B. Mom C. Dad

9. What was on the palm?

A. Kitten B. Puppy C. Nestling

10. What did the animal found become?

A. Ghost B. Stray C. Pet

# 15. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 15

1. Which Tales was this about?

A. Folk B. Moral C. Jataka

2. They are a source for ... behaviour for us.

A. Good B. Moral C. Honest

3. In which language were the stories?

A. Hindi B. English C. Pali

4. These stories are about incarnations of ... .

A. Gandhiji B. Palam C. Buddha

5. How did the stories reach worldwide?

A. Advertisement B. Radio C. Translation

6. How many tales are there?

A. 500 B. 1000 C. 100

7. The stories are about which forms of someone?

A. Human form B. Animal form C. Both

8. Each story had a ... ending.

A. Sad B. Happy C. Funny

9. What are believed to mark locations from the tales?

A. Temples B. Mountains C. Stupas

10. Where was the pilgrim from?

A. North India B. China C. Pali

# 16. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 16

1. What happens when two objects cross path in the sky?

A. Light blocked by one B. Revolution C. Earthquake

2. What comes in between during solar eclipse?

A. Moon B. Sun C. Earth

3. If the two cross slightly it is called the ... solar eclipse.

A. Partial B. Total C. Crossed

4. When does everything become dark?

A. Partial eclipse B. Total eclipse C. Crossed eclipse

5. Can we experience the eclipse?

A. Yes B. No C. In our dreams only

6. What determines if we can experience a eclipse?

A. Our knowledge B. Our position C. Our sleeping habits

7. “Be at the right place” means being at a place on your right hand side?

A. No B. Yes C. Has no meaning

8. Which of these are eclipses?

A. Solar B. Lunar C. Both

9. During lunar eclipse Moon turns ... ?

A. Red B. Black C. Is invisible

10. What gets bent while passing through the Earth's atmosphere?

A. Sound B. Light C. Clouds

# 17. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 17

1. ... is the oldest human carrying flight method.

A. Balloon B. Air balloon C. Hot air balloon

2. What is the bag of the balloon called?

A. Bag B. Hot C. Envelope

3. What does the bag hold?

A. Heated air B. Air C. Passengers

4. Hot air is less dense than ..... air.

A. Heated B. Outside C. Oxygen

5. It is .... for passengers to breathe at 21km height?

A. Easy B. Convenient C. Difficult

6. What is needed after about 5 kilometer?

A. Heated air B. Oxygen C. Outside air

7. Where is the vent located?

A. At the middle B. At the base C. At the top

8. What helps control the speed of rise and fall?

A. Vent B. Basket C. Heated air

9. Passengers in the balloon stand in a ... basket.

A. Wicker B. Weaker C. Metallic

10. The basket is beneath the ... .

A. Envelope B. Vent C. Not known

# 18. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 18

1. There are over ... varieties of tomato.

A. 8,000 B. 1,000 C. Not known

2. The heaviest tomato was grown in ... .

A. India B. China C. USA

3. Which is the largest tomato producing country?

A. China B. USA C. India

4. One can eat it ... as well as cooked.

A. Ripe B. Boiled C. Raw

5. Tomato is a rich source of ... .

A. Juice B. Vitamins C. Everything

6. Its acid can cure ... .

A. Headache B. Cough C. Pimples

7. Where is tomato juice, the official state beverage?

A. Ohio B. China C. India

8. Where does the biggest tomato festival take place?

A. USA B. China C. Spain

9. What is done with tomatoes at the festival?

A. Thrown B. Eaten C. Cooked

10. Tomatoes are always red in colour.

A. True B. Let me find out C. Mostly

# 19. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 19

1. Which bird was talked about now?

A. Pigeon B. Crow C. Both

2. Who fed the bird?

A. Cooks B. Birds C. No one

3. What was close to the kitchen?

A. A tree B. Bird’s nest C. Both

4. Why did concerned make friendship?

A. For shelter B. For food C. For affection

5. What got shared because of the friendship?

A. Nest B. Cooks C. Love and affection

6. The noise took place because it hit the ... in the kitchen.

A. Cook B. Ladle C. Fish

7. It went through the ..... to reach the kitchen.

A. Window B. Door C. Chimney

8. Someone died in the story.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

9. They agreed to share food.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. Both liked to have the same type of food.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

# 20. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 20

1. Who was Akbar?

A. Birbal’s friend B. Courtier C. Emperor

2. Who is person who attends a king’s court as an adviser?

A. King B. Courtier C. Security

3. The courtiers were ... on hearing the question.

A. Speechless B. Ashamed C. Laughing

4. Who asked a peculiar question?

A. Akbar B. Birbal C. Courtier

5. Birbal came in while the question was being asked.

A. Yes B. No C. Did not come at all

6. What was the question about?

A. Crows in the sky B. Crows in the kingdom C. Crows in the city

7. People counted before answering the question.

A. Can’t say B. Yes C. No

8. Who asked, "How can you be so sure?"

A. Akbar B. Birbal C. Courtier

9. Birbal took time to answer the question.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. Who patted on his thigh?

A. Akbar B. Birbal C. Courtier

# 21. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 21

1. The incident is about which film?

A. None B. Sholay C. Coolie

2. What is the surname of the actor?

A. Amitabh B. Bachchan C. Amitabh Bachchan

3. Give one word for ‘something done to attract attention’.

A. Acting B. Stunt C. Get hurt

4. What hit the actor leading to the injury?

A. Table top B. Leg of the table C. Corner of table

5. There was not much bleeding after the injury.

A. Yes B. No C. Immediately stopped

6. He remained critical for many ... .

A. Months B. Days C. Days

7. What did the public offer?

A. Prayers B. Sacrifice of limbs C. Both

8. Where were long queues seen?

A. On the roads B. At the hospital C. Near the table

9. What is the place at a theater where tickets are bought called?

A. Box counter B. Room C. Box office

10. At the end of the film the hero was not made to die ?

A. Yes B. No C. Not yet decided

# 22. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 22

1. Give a synonym for bother?

A. Worry B. Disturb C. Both

2. Why did I have to write?

A. Mobile was off B. Had no mobile C. Was late night

3. Where was the leakage?.

A. Toilet B. Roof C. Pipe

4. How many rooms had the leakage problem?

A. All B. Two C. One

5. Where was everything shifted?

A. Living room B. Bed room C. Bungalow

6. Chunks of ... fall off now and then.

A. Plaster B. Paint C. Water

7. What was urgently needed?

A. Painting B. Replastering C. Both

8. Who was required to fund the concerned work?

A. Owner of the place B. I C. Both were to share

9. The place of stay was painted annually.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. How could the contact number be sent?

A. Over phone B. e mail C. whatsapp

# 23. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 23

1. Onions do not have Vitamins.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

2. Onions are used in a wide variety of ... across countries.

A. Farms B. Sculpting C. Food

3. Onion has .... leaves.

A. Green B. Straight C. Modified

4. An onion grows as one ... .

A. Bulb B. Plant C. Switch

5. Where was onion considered as symbol of the universe?

A. China B. USA C. Egypt

6. Onions have been ... in pyramids as well.

A. Drawn B. Painted C. Carved

7. In ancient times, artists made images of onion out of ... .

A. Metal B. Gold C. Silver

8. Onion grows .... the soil.

A. Under B. Above C. Half inside

9. Onion is a member of the lily ... .

A. Pyramid B. Plant C. Family

10. In some countries it is used as a remedy for ... .

A. Pimples on face B. Wrinkles on skin C. Hair loss

# 24. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 24

1. What was the man riding?

A. Horse B. Dog C. Donkey

2. What was the dog eating when the man saw it?

A. Bone B. Bread C. Piece of meat

3. Man wanted to put a ... collar round the dog’s neck.

A. Leather B. Big C. Brown

4. The man sold the dog at Rs ...?

A. Ten 10's B. 1000 C. Unknown amount

5. The new owner of the dog was ... .

A. From different village B. Kind C. Both

6. At the new owner’s place the dog ...

A. Was faithful to owner B. Kept strangers away C. Both

7. Which game did the owner’s children play with the dog?

A. Throw and fetch ball B. Fetch and throw ball C. Throw and catch ball

8. Who died?

A. Dog B. Owner C. Owner’s child

9. After the family left the village the dog became .... .

A. Alone B. Weak C. Both

10. What was the dog doing in the backyards of houses?

A. Searching the owner B. Searching for food C. Searching for a dog

# 25. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 25

1. Where is the Great Wall?

A. USA B. Russia C. China

2. The Great Wall separates a country from inner ..... .

A. Mongolia B. Thongolia C. Bhongolia

3. Millions of .... visit the Great Wall each year.

A. Countrymen B. Tourists C. Tribals

4. The work on the wall started over .... back.

A. A decade B. A century C. Thousand years

5. The width and height of the wall is same at all places.

A. Note known till now B. No C. Yes

6. Did the wall have towers with watches?

A. Yes B. No C. Watches are stolen

7. All those who worked to build it did so happily?

A. Yes B. No C. Only guards happy

8. Many workers .... their lives.

A. Got B. Missed C. Lost

9. Many remained buried in the wall. Who?

A. Wild animals B. Workers C. A false statement

10. Help is needed now to complete the wall’s construction.

A. Not at all B. Only a day’s work C. Yes

# 26. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 26

1. Satapada is near which state capital?

A. Bhubaneswar B. Kolkata C. Mumbai

2. Satapada is located near Chilika .... .

A. Sea B. Village C. Lake

3. What are the attractions at Satapada?

A. Chilika boating B. Dolphin watch C. Both

4. There is one type of tourist boat available for boating?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

5. The tourist boats move due to rowing.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

6. What is needed at Dolphin points?

A. Sunlight B. Waves C. Silence

7. How many boats can be there together at dolphin points?

A. Two B. Five C. As many

8. What can be seen from the hall?

A. Sea B. Lake C. Town

9. Where can more information be got about Chilika etc?

A. Nearby school B. Museum C. Visitor Center

10. There is a restriction of only 4 persons per tourist boat.

A. Depends on the day B. Yes C. No

# 27. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 27

1. Where is Reuters headquartered?

A. Washington DC B. London C. New Delhi

2. What does Reuter sell?

A. Information B. Weather details C. News

3. Is Reuter present across countries?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

4. What did it use to start its business?

A. app B. Newspaper C. Pigeons

5. Who was awarded the French medal?

A. Cher Ami B. Reuter C. French soldier

6. Who saved the life of French soldiers?

A. Trained pigeon B. Cher Ami C. Both

7. Where did it get shot?

A. Leg B. Chest C. Both

8. Where was the message?

A. Tied to a leg B. In the wings C. Between the beaks

9. During which war did it happen?

A. World War I B. World War II C. World War III

10. Did Cher Ami have special hearing ability?

A. Can’t say B. Yes C. No

# 28. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 28

1. A new born zebra can run within ... of its birth.

A. A year B. A month C. An hour

2. What is the colour of zebras?

A. Black B. White C. Black & White

3. The stripe of zebras is ... in colour.

A. Black B. Not black C. Has no stripes

4. What is the style of running of zebras?

A. Straight B. Backward & forward C. Zigzag

5. Zebras are domestic animals and are well behaved.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

6. Are zebras lonely animals and prefer to stay alone?

A. No B. Can’t say C. Yes

7. Zebras are found in ... land.

A. Hilly B. Plain C. Desert

8. Finger pints are unique. What is unique of each zebra?

A. Toe print B. Tail pattern C. Stripe pattern

9. Based on food habit what are zebras?

A. Omnivores B. Herbivores C. Carnivores

10. Zebras eat only at regular intervals?

A. During winter B. No C. Yes

# 29. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 29

1. What was Timpu?

A. Villager B. Sadhu C. Shepherd

2. Where was his place of stay in the village?

A. In B. A little away C. Away

3. Was the village quiet or noisy?

A. Quiet B. Noisy C. Both

4. How many cows did Timpu have?

A. One B. Two C. Three

5. Where did he take the cows for cleaning?

A. Nearby lake B. Nearby river C. Naerby stream

6. What was Timpu’s main source of income?

A. Selling cows B. Selling cow grass C. Selling cow milk

7. He was worried about the ... in the world.

A. Cows B. Evil C. Villages

8. Whom did he see sitting under a neem tree?

A. Old man B. Village headman C. Sadhu

9. What surprised the person sitting under the neem tree?

A. Timpu’s presence B. Timpu’s cows C. Timpu’s question

10. Whom was Timpu told to ask his question?

A. Lake B. Fishes in the lake C. Big fish

# 30. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 30

1. Where is Jagannath temple located?

A. Puri B. Pupi C. Ruri

2. Which is the famous annual event mentioned?

A. Rath Yatra B. Path Yatra C. Juggernaut

3. How many chariots are there?

A. One B. Two C. Three

4. In the daytime wind blows in Puri from ... to ... .

A. sea - land B. land - sea C. back - front

5. The wind direction is same during daytime and evening.

A. Yes B. No C. Depends on the day

6. The direction of flag flow and wind are same at Puri.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

7. Height of the temple is similar to a .... storey building.

A. 25 B. 35 C. 45

8. The flag was at the top of the temple .... .

A. Done B. Peak C. Dome

9. What is the fear of not changing flag daily?

A. Temple will close B. Famine will hit C. Floods will hapen

10. What safety measures are taken to climb up?

A. Latest kit B. Local kit C. None

# 31. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 31

1. Which animal was hungry and reached a battlefield?

A. Jackal B. Fox C. Wild boar

2. Where was the battlefield?

A. Outside the jungle B. In the jungle C. Near the jungle

3. What was lying under the mango tree?

A. Small drum B. Broken drum C. Big drum

4. What hit the drum first leading to a drum beat?

A. Branch B. Paws C. Claws

5. What did the animal think was inside the drum?

A. A small animal B. An animal C. Could not think

6. What could the animal not do to the drum?

A. Tear off B. Eat it C. Roll it

7. What could be heard throughout the jungle?

A. Heartbeat B. Drumbeat C. Roar of the king

8. Which other animal came near the drum?

A. Leopard B. Lion C. Cheetah

9. Did the two animals talk to each other?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. What made the second animal angry?

A. Empty drum B. Animal in the drum C. Drumbeat

# 32. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 32

1. Which two animals are talked about?

A. Duck B. Tortoise C. Both

2. Where did the three animals live?

A. Near a small river B. Near a lake C. In the zoo

3. Why was there death due to thirst?

A. Floods B. Drought C. Tsunami

4. Did the three animals find water in nearby area?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

5. Where did they decide to go?

A. Far off lake B. Far off river C. Far off stream

6. What was used to carry the tortoise?

A. Stick B. Twig C. Rod

7. Who was to be at the middle of the stick?

A. None B. Duck C. Tortoise

8. What did the tortoise promise not to do while travelling?

A. Smile B. Look down C. Talk

9. What did they travel over?

A. Forests B. Villages C. Both

10. Where did the mishap happen?

A. Over a village B. Over a town C. Over a forest

# 33. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 33

1. What made Sanders unhappy about preparing chicken?

A. Time taken B. Quality loss C. Both

2. Why he did not want to deep fry?

A. Quality reduction B. Take more time C. Both

3. What was the disadvantage of pre-cooking beforehand?

A. Wastage B. Quality C. Both

4. What commercial item was of use to Sanders?

A. Pressure fry B. Pressure cooker C. None of these

5. What was modified for use by Sanders?

A. Pressure fry B. Pressure cooker C. None of these

6. How did the new procedure help?

A. Reduce time B. Retain quality C. Both

7. Who finalised the Original Recipe?

A. KFC B. Sanders C. Someone else

8. The Original Recipe had ... .

A. Herbs & spices B. Salt & pepper C. All of these

9. Was the recipe made public?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. That’s how .... product started.

A. KFC B. Sanders C. Fried chicken

# 34. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 34

1. Deepawali is a festival of ... ?

A. Hindus B. Light C. Both

2. It signifies the victory of good over ... .

A. Evil B. Darkness C. Religions

3. The festival is for a .....-day period.

A. One B. Three C. Five

4. People .... their homes and offices for the occasion.

A. Clean B. Decorate C. Both

5. Which Goddess is offered prayers in the evening/night?

A. Durga B. Lakshmi C. Saraswati

6. What are special in Deepawali evening?

A. Dresses & Prayers B. Sweets & Fireworks C. All of these

7. Deepawali is limited to certain parts of India.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

8. What is available at malls during this festive time?

A. Offers B. Firecrackers C. Both

9. What is exchanged among people?

A. Gifts B. Prayers C. Both

10. What happens at amazon?

A. Special gifts B. Special offers C. Fireworks

# 35. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 35

1. The Taj Mhaal is made of ... marble?

A. Ivory white B. White C. Red stone

2. Which river flows next to the Taj Mahal?

A. Ganga B. Yamuna C. Meethi

3. It has the ... of Mumtaz.

A. Statue B. Museum C. Tomb

4. The complex has ...

A. Garden/guest house B. Mosque/Tomb C. All the above

5. ..... artisans were involved in its construction.

A. 200 B. 2,000 C. 20,000

6. It is a world .... site.

A. National B. Agra C. Heritage

7. It is a great example of ..... architecture.

A. Muslim B. Indian C. Nawab

8. It was also a winner of the New 7 Wonders of the ... .

A. World B. National C. Mahal

9. It took ... years to make it.

A. less than 5 years B. 5 years C. More than 5 years

10. Every year .... of tourists visit it.

A. Thousands B. Millions C. Billions

# 36. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 36

1. McDonald’s started in .... .

A. New York B. London C. California

2. McDonald’s started as a ... .

A. Restaurant B. Hamburger stand C. Hotel

3. McDonald’s brothers .... their chain.

A. Sold B. Purchased C. Rented

4. McDonald’s is present in over 100 ... .

A. Cities B. Countries C. Continents

5. McDonald’s is one of the largest private ... .

A. Restaurant chain B. Employer C. Both

6. What is McDonald’s well known for?

A. Salad B. Fruit juices C. Hamburgers

7. What negative thing bothered it?

A. Unhealthy food B. Healthy food C. So many products

8. In some restaurants it serves ... .

A. Chicken B. Fish C. Both

9. McDonald’s has franchises ... .

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. How is Mc in McDonald’s pronounced?

A. M C B. Muc C. Mac

# 37. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 37

1. The content was shared from Nestle’s ... .

A. Magazine B. Media Room C. Website

2. The message given was Maggi noodles is 100 % ... .

A. Unsafe B. Safe C. Tasy

3. ... is not added while producing Maggi noodles.

A. Grass B. Maida C. Ash

4. What does complaint mean?

A. Is safe B. Meets rules C. Is a complaint

5. Maggi noodles have ... been safe to consume.

A. Never B. At times C. Always

6. What is Maggi?

A. Adjective B. Common noun C. Proper noun

7. The company tried to provide ... .

A. Information B. News C. email

8. Maggi noodles is .... noodles.

A. For instance B. Instance C. Instant

9. Maggi is the name of a food product.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. Maggi is a product of ... .

A. Patanjali B. Nestle C. Cadbury

# 38. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 38

1. This was about how to make .... pani puri.

A. Handmade B. Homemade C. Handicraft

2. This provided guidance to make puri and ... ?

A. Pani B. Stuffing C. Both

3. Give on word for ‘thick mixture of flour and liquid’.

A. Dough B. Bough C. Through

4. One of the first activities is to knead to make ... .

A. Pani B. Puri C. Stuffing

5. ... balls had to be made.

A. Coin sized B. Small C. Apple sized

6. Round shape was advised by using ... .

A. Cylinder lid B. Cookie cutter C. Either of these

7. One of the first steps to make pani was to make a ... ?

A. Paste B. Balls C. Strain

8. What was advised for use to strain?

A. Plastic strainer B. Muslin cloth C. Wire strainer

9. One of the steps to make stuffing was to mash?

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. Where was the pani to be kept for sometime before serving?

A. Bowl B. Earthern pitcher C. Refrigerator

# 39. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 39

1. Vihaan had a ...

A. Loving wife B. Normal job C. Both

2. Vihaan worked at one place for a long time.

A. No B. Yes C. Can’t say

3. Where did he work?

A. Pizza Hut B. Domino’s C. Papa Johns

4. What did he browse in the break?

A. Google B. Instagram C. facebook

5. Give one word for connected to internet and ready to use.

A. Offline B. Online C. Beeline

6. What did he get to do on the internet during his break?

A. Free spans B. Free spins C. Free spuns

7. Did he go for the free opportunity he got?

A. No B. Yes C. Saved it

8. Give a compound word for a large cash prize won in a game.

A. Jackfruit B. JackedUp C. Jackpot

9. .... can shine on you without notice.

A. Duck B. Luck C. Life

10. What did Vihaan realise after winning so much money?

A. Travel to his wife B. Start working C. Both

# 40. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 40

1. Pizza can never be a healthy food to have.

A. Can’t say B. No C. Yes

2. Who ruined heathy pizza?

A. Fast food industry B. Pizza industry C. Restaurants

3. What will the pizza be if made properly?

A. Unhealthy B. Healthy C. Junk food

4. Fast food pizza is made on a .... crust.

A. Brown B. Wheatish C. White

5. Refined grains do not have the .... nutrients but have better taste.

A. Heathy B. Unhealthy C. Junk

6. Why is fast food pizza not healthy?

A. Has calories/cheese B. Fatty meats and salt C. All of the above

7. Pizza is one of the most .... food in many countries.

A. Popular B. Healthy C. Banned

8. Fast food pizza increase risk for cardiovascular .... .

A. Disease B. Thoughts C. Actions

9. White crust is full of refined ...hydrates.

A. Cabro B. Carbo C. Corbo

10. What does eat sparingly mean?

A. Eat less often B. Eat less quantity C. Both

# 41. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 41

1. Where is The Golden Temple?

A. Delhi B. Amritsar C. Amruts

2. It is the leading religious place for the ...

A. Indians B. Jains C. Sikhs

3. Who can enter the Golden Temple?

A. Sikhs only B. All Indians C. One and all

4. .... Granth Sahib was first placed in the temple.

A. Golden B. Guru C. The

5. The Holy ... was dug.

A. Tank B. Tomb C. Campus

6. The temple has a unique ..... architecture.

A. Muslim B. Sikh C. Indian

7. How many entrances does the temple have?

A. Two B. Three C. Four

8. What provides the best experience of the temple?

A. Video film B. Visit to it C. Aeroplane view

9. Each door at the temple is in the same direction.

A. No B. Yes C. Can’t say

10. The details provided happened after you were born.

A. Part of it B. No C. Yes

# 42. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 42

1. Diili Haat is located in ... .

A. Delhi B. Internet C. Can’t say

2. One can get food and .... items at Diili Haat.

A. Stone B. Stationery C. Craft

3. Entry is free at Diili Haat.

A. On certain days B. Never C. All days

4. The place has a ... environment.

A. Digital B. Village C. Urban

5. All shop owners are permanent owners.

A. In certain years B. Always C. Not all but some

6. Only handmade items are available here.

A. Can’t say for sure B. No C. Yes

7. The complex has a .... hall.

A. Conference B. Air conditioned C. Exhibition hall

8. Stalls are allocated considering the .... it represents.

A. Country B. State C. City

9. Are the stalls given free to the sellers?

A. Free in festive time B. Never C. Insufficient details

10. To get a stall one has to fill ..... form.

A. Legal B. Handwritten C. Application

# 43. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 43

1. Which type of tigers are referred here?

A. Zoo B. Wild C. White

2. The tigers talked about are found in zoos.

A. Not true B. False C. Partly true

3. What is unique about the referred tigers?

A. Skin colour B. Fur colour C. Stripes’colour

4. Which type of tigers grow faster and heavier?

A. Orange B. White C. All have same

5. All types of tigers are similar sized during birth.

A. Has been proven so B. Yet to be proven C. No it does vary

6. Stripes of tigers is like ... , different for each.

A. Footprints B. Fingerprints C. Colour prints

7. Stripes of the tiger are a pigmentation of its ... .

A. Fur B. Body C. Skin

8. The ... determines the colour of the tiger.

A. Jeans B. Genes C. Gennies

9. White tigers are not seen in India but in other countries.

A. Yes B. No C. Can’t say

10. Can male tigers weigh over 200 kg?

A. Not anymore B. If mother is 200 kg C. Yes, few white tigers

# 44. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 44

1. Which sweet was being talked about?

A. Syrupy dessert B. Rasagulla C. Cottage cheese

2. Who claims the sweet to have started at its place?

A. Odisha B. West Bengal C. Both

3. Chenna is Indian cottage ... .

A. Cream B. Butter C. Cheese

4. Where has the sweet been offered to God for many years?

A. Kolkata B. Puri C. Across India

5. Who was angry with Jagannath?

A. Durga B. Saraswati C. Lakshmi

6. Who applied for a Geographical Indications (GI) tag ?

A. Odisha B. West Bengal C. Jagannath Temple

7. What did Lord Jagannath do to appease his angry wife?

A. Offered prayers B. Offered flowers C. Offered a sweet

8. When did the mentioned wife get angry?

A. Start of rath yatra B. End of rath yatra C. Needed a sweet

9. What did Odia cooks possibly bring to Bengali homes?

A. Introduced rasgulla B. Introduced dishes C. Introduced both

10. Who possibly carried the recipe from Puri to Bengal?

A. Bengali visitors B. Odia visitors C. Britishers

# 45. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 45

1. Where was the reported gathering?

A. Dhanbad B. Bihar C. Inside the mine

2. How many had died during flooding of the mines?

A. 30 B. 100 C. More than 100

3. The mentioned flooding of the mines took place last year.

A. Happens annually B. No C. Not known

4. Josu, who got a job in her ....'s place.

A. Son B. Daughter C. Husband

5. Where did the country's worst coal mining disaster take place?

A. Chasnala B. Saasnala C. Gandanala

6. What sound was heard on the day of the accident?

A. Fireworks B. Explosion C. Water flowing

7. What caused the sound?

A. Was a natural sound B. Was caused by men C. Was not planned

8. Give a word for an opening for ventilating a space.

A. Mine B. Ventilator C. Ventilation

9. Pumps were brought from ... to dry the mines.

A. Russia & Poland B. Russia C. Russia & Holand

10. What helped identify many dead bodies?

A. Belt number B. Battery lamp number C. Both

# 46. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 46

1. The night was dark and ... .

A. Quiet B. Stormy C. Chilly

2. Where was the shadow seen?

A. Window B. Door C. Floor

3. Whose shadow was it?

A. Tiger B. Leopard C. Elephant

4. Where was the animal missing from?

A. Zoo B. Circus C. Vet hospital

5. Which sounds were heard?

A. Roar B. Footsteps C. Both

6. I could not sleep through the night.

A. Yes B. No C. It was daytime

7. When did the clock strike?

A. Did not at all B. Ten C. Eleven

8. Who talked to me in the morning?

A. Father B. Mother C. My parents

9. Who caught the animal?

A. Zoo officials B. Parents C. Forest officials

10. Was I to be home alone hereafter?

A. At times B. Not at night time C. All the time

# 47. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 47

1. Who caught and ate fish?

A. Swan B. Ostrich C. Crane

2. What was affecting catching and eating fish?

A. Health B. Age C. Fishes went away

3. Where did it sit depressed and thoughtful?

A. Water’s edge B. On a branch C. On a big stone

4. Who asked it as to why was it sad?

A. Crab B. Crane C. Frog

5. Something ... is going to happen.

A. Good B. Blessed C. Bad

6. There will be no ... for the next four years.

A. Floods B. Oxygen C. Rains

7. Who told the fishes what the wise man had said?

A. Crane B. Frog C. Wise man

8. No one wanted to ... early.

A. Sleep B. Eat C. Die

9. Whom did all go for guidance?

A. Crane B. Frog C. Wise man

10. Did it get to eat frog meat for a change?

A. No B. Yes C. Will have next time

# 48. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 48

1. The lady was travelling in a ..... train.

A. Bullet B. Express C. Passenger

2. She got down at a station to get some .... for herself.

A. Water B. Food C. Newspaper

3. What did she run back to but did not succeed?

A. Train B. Food stall C. Small house

4. Where did she spend the second night?

A. At the station B. A small house C. In the train

5. Where did she spend the first night?

A. At the station B. A small house C. In the train

6. Where was the small house?

A. Near the station B. Near a bridge C. At the town center

7. How much did the owner charge her for staying?

A. Rs 100 B. Rs 500 C. Nothing

8. Who came calling to the owner?

A. A banker B. A middle aged man C. A bully

9. What did the lady leave behind for the owner?

A. A letter B. Some money C. Both

10. What was the owner in need of?

A. Companion B. Safety C. Money

What follows are answers for each question set (for each of the above audio clips).


1. B 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. B

Once upon a time there were three princes who were all young and handsome.

But the eldest, although was weaker than the others, was the most learned.

He believed in physical fitness. He also loved small animals, and had many


About two kilometer from their castle was a beautiful botanical garden.

It had few rare species of trees. The eldest prince used to do his morning

yoga here.

One day when he was in the middle of his yoga a bruised rabbit hopped

out of the nearby shrub. Its left eye was popping out and the left ear

half cut. It was bleeding.

The sight of the rabbit made the prince very sad.

On seeing the prince unhappy the rabbit told him that a stray dog had

attacked it last night. After the attack he had hid in the shrub.

The prince then took the rabbit to the nearest vet.


1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. B

Mrs Tripathi is our neighbour. She lives in the flat next to our flat.

One Sunday, I was passing by her flat. I saw her and her cousin, Threesha.

Threesha was coughing badly. She looked in great pain. Mrs Triptahi and

I took her to the nearest homeopath. The doctor gave her an injection.

And advised some medicine. Rest was advised for a day. “No ice cream or

cold drink,” said the doctor when he left.

In two days time Threesha was fine. We then met and went to the nearby

ice cream parlour and had a cone of chocolate flavoured ice cream.

The very next day Threesha again started coughing. Mrs Tripathi said

that it was bad idea to have ice cream. We learnt our lesson.


1. B 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. B 10. C

Last Saturday evening, my family and I went for lunch to Delhi Durbar at

Hiranandani, Powai. It is located next to Eldora building. We walked from

home to the restaurant.

We were warmly welcomed by the waitress. A welcome drink of buttermilk was

served. Then the menu card was given. We placed our order. It took a while

for lunch to arrive.

In the meantime, we all got busy on our mobile. We checked all our whatsapp

messages. We also took a few selfies and shared in our family group. While we

were having lunch few calls came on our mobiles, but we did not attend any.

We talked about the forthcoming Spelling Bee exam. We wondered how costly

are the orientation programs.

After lunch we went to the nearby park and sat in the shade for some time.

My dad lied down on the soft green grass and dozed off. My siblings sang few

songs. In all we had a great family outing. We decided to have one such outing

each month. But dad said, “the next outing. only after the spelling bee exam”.


1. C 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. B

I am sick for some time now. I had a slight return of fever last evening.

I am now somewhat fine though weak.

My room is quite cosy and comfortable. A sofa bed is there which overlooks

our kitchen garden. I also could see all that passed on the lane. A while

back a saw a girl with a wooden clock under her arm. Then went a boy with

a hat. His hands were joined behind on his hips. He had a peculiar smile

on his face and he was humming.

Then came Mr Taneja, a very handsome man. He has always been very kind to

my family members. We often have evening tea together.

It was summertime now. The flowers were blooming and the bees were buzzing.

We had not been fishing yet. Once I get well we will go fishing to Upvan lake

in Thane. We enjoy the scenery there. Also there is a good fast food joint

there where we have our brunch. He also makes available cold water bottles

and umbrella for our comfort while fishing in the sun.

Oh!, how I wish I get well now so that we can go fishing tomorrow.


1. B 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. B

You may recall that last month we decided to meet at Bhubaneswar on the

27th of January.

We were to visit our school teachers. Mrs Srivastava is now at Capital

Hospital after her heart operation. I have now found from the hospital

that we can meet her only between 5.30 and 7 in the evening. Mrs Srivastava

knows that we will be visiting her.

I suggest you come from Kendrapada by car. You plan to reach my home

around lunch time. We will have lunch together. We will then visit

Mr Varghese and Mr Pandey at the school around 4 in the afternoon.

At around 5 we will leave for the hospital. The hospital is only

4 miles away from the school, so we will be there on time. I will

be bringing flowers for both of us to offer to Mrs Srivastava. I will

try to have more tulips in the bouquets. After our visit to the hospital

you may suggest what to do as per your convenience.

I will call up Mr Pandey and Mr Varghese today evening and inform

them about our visit. I am sure they will be glad that we wish to

catch up with them after a decade.


1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. A

Well, the worst has happened.

I found yesterday that my name was not in the list of successful

participants for the next round of selection. This time I had done

ery well in the written round and was very confident of being selected.

But see, how luck has played a trick!

I am feeling miserable and irritated. I had aimed for making it to

the final round of selection and then try to clear it. Now my dreams

are shattered. My parents were also very sad when they came to know

about it.

Now tell me how to pass this sad information to my grandparents. They

were planning to accompany me to the final exam venue. I am sorry,

Aanya I am inflicting all my troubles on you. But we've been friends

for so long and it has always been a relief sharing with you. Call

me soon and share your thoughts. I will catch up soon and have a long

evening walk.


1. C 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. A

I hope your vacation has begun and you're enjoying yourself. I wish

you happy holidays. I think you are back on 27 January.

Well, I have just seen a whatsapp message about a Russian ballet

at the Opera House. It is there from 25 January till 30 January.

Booking opens on 20th January. Do you want me to get a ticket for

you? You may recall we had planned to see it when it comes to town.

thI plan to book for my sister and myself for 29 January. If you

want me to book for you as well then do send me a whatsapp message.

I am sure the tickets will go like hot cakes. So we will be there

well before time on the first day of booking. We plan to reach the

ticket window two hours before it opens.

Convey my regards to your grandparents and have a splendid time.

Missing you a lot my dear BFF.


1. B 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. C

Usher the New Year in company of friends and friends with unlimited

mocktails and a mouth watering spread of a seven course dinner.

Be a part of the biggest rooftop 'New Year Eve' party in the city to

ring in 2018. Marvel the breathtaking views of the city as you sip

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So, bid a sweet farewell to 2017 with an unforgettable New Year's Eve

party in the city.


1. B 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. B

I feel great to share with you about a wonderful thing that happened

yesterday. I am glad I did it. I saved the life of a boy from fire.

Yesterday was Friday. I was on my way to Hiya's house to return her

notebooks. Just on the turning of 100 feet road, I heard cries from

a shanty. I noticed smoke rising up from its roof and also light flames

were there. An old lady was yelling for help as she was unable to bring

out someone. A few old ladies were around her but none could do anything.

They did not dare to go in.

I rushed to the spot and was told there was a young boy inside. It was

the old lady's grandson. I rushed into the shanty and in no time came

out with the terrified boy. They boy was holding me tight. He was unable

to believe he had been rescued. The grandmother took him in her arms and

kissed him possible a hundred times. She then fell on my feet and tears

of gratitude moistened my feet. I somehow stopped her from doing that.

I did receive minor burns on my arms and injuries on my feet, but nothing

to worry about. The joy that this gave me did not let me sleep on Friday

night. Now I wish to do more such acts if the occasion comes.


1. C 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. B

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most famous freedom fighters in the history

of mankind. He led India in its struggle for freedom against the British

rule. And he taught Indians to fight for their rights through a unique way

of non-violence.

India and the rest of the world remember him fondly as Gandhiji or Mahatma


Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. His

parents named him Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

When Mohandas was a teenager, he stole money from his father's purse.

Later, he regretted it and confessed his mistake. Gandhiji had expected

his father to rough him up for his misdeed. Instead, his father stayed

calm and just accepted his apology. This incident was Gandhiji's first

brush with truth and humility.


1. C 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. C

Pumpkin is a fruit and is part of the cucumber family. It is grown across

countries. The heaviest known pumpkin was over 800 kg.

The name pumpkin has its origin in the Greek word pepon. It means large


Interestingly, pumpkins are commonly used for Halloween decorations.

Jack-o-lantern is a carved pumpkin with candles illuminating it. It is

believed that this started from Ireland.

These have thick shells and have a spherical shape. Their weight varies.

It has 90 per cent water.

A pumpkin plant has two types of flowers, a male flower and a female flower.

Interestingly these flowers can be eaten.

Pumpkins are good source of fiber, vitamin A and potassium.


1. B 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. B 10. B

The tiniest bird is the humming bird. Its eggs are very small, much smaller

than a currency coin.

It makes a humming noise when flapping its wings. That is how it got its

name. It can hover and fly backwards. It can also fly upside down.

It has no sense of smell. It laps nectar with its tongue. It cannot walk

or hop.

Its a small thing but has many fast things about it. It breathes fast,

about 250 times per minute. Its heart beats more than 1,000 times in

a minute. While flying its wings flap over 50 times per second. And can

fly over 90 kilometer per hour.


1. B 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. C

Peacocks are frequently mentioned in Indian folk tales, mythology,

carvings and paintings.

It is the largest among flying birds. They are weak in flying and

spend most of the time moving around on their feet. They eat insects

as well as seeds.

Peacock is a male bird and the female is the peahen. They have a strong

need for companionship. They are heartbroken when alone. A group of

peacocks is called a party.

They have a tail. It is covered with beautiful feathers. These form

the largest part of their body. They display it in a spectacular manner.

It is believed that they dance before it is about to rain.


1. B 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. C

Late one night I went to sleep after watching a horror movie on the

television. The scenes from the movie were fresh in my mind.

It was monsoon time and so there was thunder and lightning outside.

I heard a sound from beneath my bed. It was a strange sound. It stood

out during loud thunder.

I was frightened to move. I felt my legs had frozen. It was all out

of fear of the unknown. I was afraid to move my head as well.

I yelled for my parents. The door of my room was open so they could

hear it in spite of the thunder.

I pointed my hand under the bed. My father knelt down and started

laughing. He moved and in his palm was a cute little kitten. The

kitten was frightened. We did not know how it was there. But I was

glad to have a cute pet in the house.


1. C 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. B

Jataka Tales are very old and have a long tradition of being passed

on from one generation to the other. These stories are stories of

wisdom, and morals written centuries back in the Pali language.

These were later translated and reached people across the world.

These stories are mainly about past incarnations of Buddha, in both

human and animal form. They help teach values of self-sacrifice,

honesty and other good values to us. It is believed that there

are over 500 such tales. In each story, the character of Buddha

was involved in solving a problem and bring about a happy ending.

Many stupas in northern India are said to mark locations from the

Jātaka tales. The Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang reported several of


The Jataka Tales are a source for moral behaviour for us.


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When any two objects in the sky cross paths, one will block the

light of the other. This light is the sunlight. When the Moon

comes between the Earth and the Sun, the light reaching us gets

affected. When this happens it is called the solar eclipse. If

the two cross slightly it is called the partial solar eclipse.

If light is totally blocked then it is the total solar eclipse.

During total eclipse everything becomes dark. To experience the

solar eclipse one who as to be at the right place on the Earth.

When the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, it is called

the lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse the Moon turns dark red.

This happens because the light passing through the Earth's atmosphere

gets bent onto the Moon.


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Hot air balloon is the oldest human carrying flight method. Hot air

balloons are currently used for pleasure trips, business advertising

as well as sports.

It has a bag called envelope. It is specially made to contain heated

air. These balloons can float in air as the hot air inside the envelope

is less dense compared to the outer, colder air.

Hot air balloons manage to fly great heights. It can be over 21 kilometer.

At that height it is difficult to breathe. Oxygen is needed after about

5 kilometer.

The top of the balloon typically has a vent. It allows the pilot to

control the speed of rise and fall of the balloon. Passengers in the

balloon stand in a wicker basket. The basket is beneath the envelope.


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There are over 7,500 varieties of tomato across the world.

The heaviest tomato is believed to be over 3.5 kilogram, grown in USA.

The largest tomato producing country is China. The other two big producers

are the United States and India.

Tomato is juicy. Mostly it is red in colour. One can eat it raw as well

as cooked. These are rich sources for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Its acid can help cure pimples and blemishes.

Well, its juice is Ohio's official state beverage.

Each year a tomato festival is held in a small town in Spain, called Bunol.

It is the biggest tomato festival and goes by the name La Tomatina. In it,

around 40,000 people throw around 150000 tomatoes at each other.


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Once upon a time there was a pigeon that lived on a nest close to a kitchen.

The cooks at the kitchen liked it very much. They often used to feed it grain.

The pigeon liked all this and was happy.

One day a crow saw the pigeon and saw how it was getting food and affection.

After a few days it made friendship with the pigeon. Using their friendship

it made the pigeon share the nest with it. The pigeon then told it that they

could spend time together discussing various topics.

But when it came to food both had to get their own. So the crow had to search

for its own food. But the crow was not fine with this. The reason it had made

the pigeon a friend was the food. The crow wanted to eat meat but the pigeon

got only grains from the kitchen.

One day the crow went to the kitchen to get food. It went down the chimney

into the kitchen. It got the smell of fish being cooked. She tried to get the

fish. It hit a ladle and that caused a noise. The cook reacted to the noise.

He caught hold of the crow and killed it. The pigeon had never thought of

getting in and lived happily with the cook's love and care.


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Emperor Akbar was known to put riddles and puzzles to his courtiers. He often

asked questions that were strange, but witty. It took much wisdom to answer

his questions.

One day he asked a peculiar question. The courtiers were speechless on hearing

it. Akbar looked silently at his courtiers. As he looked around, one after the

other head began to hang low as if searching for an answer. It was then that

Birbal walked in to the courtyard. Birbal guessed the situation. He immediately

asked, "May I know the question. I also wish to try for the answer".

Akbar immediately said, "How many crows are there in this city?" Birbal replied

immediately "There are fifty thousand five hundred and eighty nine crows today".

"How can you be so sure?" asked a surprised Akbar.

Birbal replied, "You may make your men count and confirm. If you find more it

would mean that some have come to visit their relatives. If you find less

numbers then it would mean some have gone away to visit their relatives.”

Akbar understood and gave his peculiar smile with a pat on his thigh.


1. C 2. B 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. A

On 26 July 1982, while filming Coolie, in the University Campus in

Bangalore, Amitabh Bachchan suffered a serious intestinal injury.

He was then filming of a fight scene with co-actor Puneet Issar.

He was performing his own stunts in the film. One scene required

him to fall onto a table and then on the ground. However, as he

jumped towards the table, the corner of the table struck his stomach.

He lost a significant amount of blood due to the injury. He remained

critically ill in hospital for many months, at times close to death.

The public response included prayers in temples and offers to

sacrifice limbs to save him. There were long queues of well-wishing

fans outside the hospital. He recovered after few months. He

resumed filming later that year. The film was released in 1983,

and partly due to the huge publicity of Bachchan's accident, the

film was a box office success.

The director of the film changed the ending of the film after

Bachchan's accident. Bachchan's character was originally

intended to have been killed off but after the change of script,

the character lived in the end. It would have been inappropriate

for the man who had just fended off death in real life, to be killed

on screen.


1. C 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. C

I regret to bother you. As your mobile is switched off I am

writing to you.

We need to do some repair and maintenance work in the

bungalow. During the monsoon there was leakage in the

roof of the kitchen and the bedroom.

We shifted everything in the bedroom to the living room.

We must repair it soon to prevent further damage to the

roof. Also for last eight years the walls have not been

painted. Cracks can be seen on the wall. Chunks of

plaster fall off now and then. Replastering and painting

are urgently needed.

The bungalow is yours and we take care of it. But these

repair work will be costly and hence you are requested

to advise and fund the same.

I will be glad to assist in whatever manner. I can whatsapp you

contact numbers of few local painters, if you wish.

Best wishes to you and your family for the new year, 2018.


1. B 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. C

Onions are great source of vitamin C, fiber and calories.

These add great flavour and are used in a wide variety of

food across countries.

Onions have a pungent smell. It grows under the soil. It has

modified leaves arranged in whorls. It is a member of the

lily family.

The word onion has its origin in Latin, unio. Unio means one

or unity as an onion grows as one bulb.

The leading onion producing countries are China, India and

USA. In Egypt, in ancient times onions were considered as a symbol

of the universe. These have been carved in pyramids as well.

Egyptian artists made images of vegetables from precious

metals. Only onion was made out of gold.

In some Arab countries onions mixed with salt and pepper are

applied to the scalp as a remedy for hair loss.


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One day a man, riding a donkey, came to our village.

He saw a dog eating a loaf of bread. He seemed to like

the dog at once. He asked his men to catch the dog and

put a leather collar round its neck.

He then sold the dog at Rupee 100 to someone in another

village. The dog's new owner was a kind person. He took

care of the dog well. He gave the dog a warm place to stay.

The dog was faithful to him. He ensured that strangers

stayed away from the owner's house.

Even the owner's family members became fond of the dog.

The children used to play throw and fetch the ball games

with the dog.

After the owner died one day, his family left the village.

The dog was left behind. It was lonely and old. It became

weak and helpless. It went about smelling backyards of

houses in search of food. Often it got kicked.

It now really led a dog's life, true to the saying.


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The Great Wall of China, considered one of the new seven

wonders of the world, winds its way up mountainsides and

down valleys while it separates China from Inner Mongolia.

Built as a protective military structure, the Great Wall

now draws millions of tourists to China each year. The

folklore and facts that surround this impressive structure

often fascinate and thrill children as they learn more about

this man-made miracle of architecture.

The Great Wall is over 5,000 miles. The work on the wall

started over 2,000 years ago and went on till 1644. It was

made from stone, earth, sticks and bricks. The width and

height of the wall varies at various points. Watch towers

were built into the wall at strategic points to allow the

guards kept vigil on possible enemy attacks.

Many people who worked to build the Great Wall did so out

of no choice. They often were soldiers or prisoners. Even

common people were made to work. The working conditions

were mostly dangerous. Many workers lost their lives. There

is no count of the same. It is believed that many of them

remain buried in the wall.


1. A 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. B 8. B 9. C 10. B

Satapada is located at a distance of a hundred kilometer

from Bhubaneswar.

It is located by the side of Chilika and close to the mouth

opening of Chilika lake to sea. The main attraction at

Satapada is its Chilika boating and Dolphin watch.

Various types of tourist boats are available at Satapada.

All the boats are power driven. Only a group of six adults

and two children is allowed in one boat.

Dolphins are a big attraction of the Satapada boat ride.

The motor boats switch off the engine at the Dolphin points

to maintain silence. Only up to five boats are allowed at the

same time near the dolphin point.

Chilika Development Authority maintains one Chilika Visitor

Center at Satapada. Inside it one can find many details about

Chilika like fishing types, fishing communities, species available

and birds visiting Chilika lake. From this hall one can have a

panoramic view of the Chilka lake.


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Reuters is one of the world's well known news agencies.

Reuters is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

It employs journalists all over the world. It sells news to

newspapers, television and radio. It also provides stock

exchange data.

It started its business by using trained homing pigeons.

A pigeon has special hearing ability and hence can detect

earthquakes and electrical storms. It can almost fly straight

up, unlike other birds. It does not lift its head to swallow water.

One of the most famous pigeons is Cher Ami, meaning

dear friend. In the First World War Cher Ami saved the

lives of many French soldiers. It carried a message across

enemy lines during battle. On its way Cher Ami got shot in

the chest and the leg but it did not give up. It had lost a

good part of the leg to which the message was tied. Cher

Ami was awarded the French 'Croix de Guerre' medal for

heroic service.


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A new born zebra can run within an hour of its birth.

Zebras are black in colour. They have white stripes

on their body. The stripe pattern is unique for each


Unlike horses zebras cannot be domesticated. So, it

is a wild animal. They have unpredictable nature. They

do not run straight but from one side to another. That's

the zigzag style of running. That's why the zebra crossing

on the roads look like the way they do.

They stay in a herd. And they are seen mostly in grassy

plain land. Zebras are herbivorous. They mostly eat a

variety of grasses. They are also known to eat shrubs,

herbs, twigs, leaves and bark.

A zebra eats constantly throughout the day to maintain

its digestive systems.


1. C 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. C

There was a shepherd named Timpu. He had built

his thatched hut away from his village. He loved the

quietness of the place more than the noisy village.

He lived in his hut with two cows. He took care of both

and fed them well. Every other day he took the two

cows to a nearby lake for cleaning. The two cows gave

good quantity of milk. This helped Timpu earn enough

money to live happily.

Timpu was an honest man. At times he used to be

restless. He used to think : “There is so much evil in

the world. Is there nobody to guide people not to be

evil?" One afternoon, he was on his way back home

after selling milk in the village. He saw a sadhu sitting

under a neem tree. He walked up to him and waited for

the sadhu to see that he was there. After a while, the

sadhu opened his eyes. Timpu's presence surprised


“What do you want?" he asked.

“What is the path to truth and honesty?" asked Timpu.

The saint smiled and said, “Go to the lake nearby and

ask this to the big fish there. It will answer you."


1. A 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. B 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. C

Many people visit Lord Jagannath temple in Odisha. The

temple is in Puri and is famous for its annual Rath Yatra.

It is witnessed by millions as the three manmade, decorated

chariots carry the deities. The English word Juggernaut

shares its origin from this annual parade.

On daytime the breeze from sea typically comes to land and the

opposite happens in the evening. But, in Puri, the breeze has a

tendency to be the exact opposite direction. In the daytime, the

breeze blows from land to sea and the opposite in the evening

happens. We all know that any piece of cloth is dominated by the

wind to fly according to its course. But it looks like the flag mounted

on the top of the Jagannath Temple is a unique exception to the

principle. This particular flag flows in the opposite direction to the

wind's course without any scientific background to back it up.

Every day a priest scrambles the walls of the temple, which is

almost the height of a 45 storey building. This was done daily to

change the flag atop the temple dome. This ritual dates far back

to the day the temple was built. The practice is done with bare

hands without any protective gear. It's believed that if the ritual is

skipped even for a day then the temple will get shut for a eighteen

year period.

# 31. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 31

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Once upon a time, in a jungle there lived a fox. One day, he was very

hungry and was in search of food. He happened to come across a battle

field. There he saw a big drum lying under a mango tree. When the wind

blew, a tender branch of a shrub near the tree hit the drum producing a

drum beat. The fox looked at the drum from all sides and then beat the

drum with his paws. The drum made a sound. It thought that there might

be a small animal inside the drum and that would take care of his search

for food. But he could not tear off the top of the drum.

The fox thought of a plan and began to beat the drum with his paws. The

sound of drumbeat could be heard throughout the jungle. A cheetah got

attracted towards the sound of the drum. It came near it. The fox said to

the cheetah, "There is a small animal hiding inside the drum. As your claws

are sharp tear off the top of the drum and catch the prey inside the drum.”

The cheetah was also hungry. It hit the top of the drum with his heavy

front paws. The drum burst with a sound. But there was no animal inside

it. The empty drum made the cheetah angry. It said to the jackal, "You have

wasted my time. There is no food inside the drum. So now I will have to kill

you to take care of my hunger." The cheetah pounced upon the fox and

killed it. And then it ate the dead fox patiently.

# 32. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 32

1. C 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. C 8. C 9. C 10. B

Once upon a time, two ducks and a tortoise lived near a small river.

They had become good friends over time. This year there was drought

in the area. All water bodies were almost dry. Birds and animals found

it difficult to fine water to drink. Many of them began to die out of thirst.

The two ducks and the tortoise had a discussion to find a solution and

locate water. In spite of a long discussion they could not find water in

nearby area. So, they decided to go to a far off lake that was full of water.

They planned to settle down in that lake forever.

But there was a problem in shifting there. The ducks could fly but for the

tortoise the distance was too much to cover by foot. So they came up

with an idea. They arranged a strong stick. The two ducks were to hold

the stick at the ends in their beaks, and the tortoise was to hold it at the

middle with its teeth. Then the ducks would fly and they will reach the

lake together. However, the ducks warned the tortoise that it needed to

be very careful. It was very talkative and if did so while they were flying,

it will lose its hold and go crashing down on the ground and die. The

tortoise promised not to talk throughout the journey. So they began their

journey as planned.

They flew over villages and forests. They also came over a town. While

they were flying over the town, people came out to see the strange flight.

There was shouting and clapping. The tortoise forgot what it was not to

do and wanted to ask what was the clapping all about. The moment it

started to ask the question to the ducks, it lost its hold of the stick. It fell

down on the ground and died immediately. People gathered around and

were sad to see it dead.

# 33. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 33

1. A 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. B 10. A

Sanders was unhappy with the 35 minutes it took to

prepare his chicken in an iron frying pan. He refused

to deep fry the chicken. He believed that would lower

the quality of the product.

If he pre-cooked the chicken in advance of orders,

there was sometimes wastage at day's end.

In 1939, the first commercial pressure cookers were

available in the market. These were mostly designed

for steaming vegetables.

Sanders bought one, and modified it into a pressure

fryer. He then used it to fry chicken. The new method

reduced production time to be comparable with deep

frying, while, retaining the quality of pan-fried chicken.

In 1940, Sanders finalised what came to be known as

his "Original Recipe" of 11 herbs and spices.

Although he never publicly revealed the recipe, he

admitted to the use of salt and pepper, and claimed

that the ingredients "stand on everybody's shelf".

That's how KFC product started.

# 34. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 34

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Deepawali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year.

It is an official holiday in India. It is one of the most popular festivals

in India. It signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil,

knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

The festival rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the

main festival is in the night of Deepawali . Before the Deepawali

night, people clean, renovate, and decorate their homes and offices.

On Deepawali night, people dress up in new clothes or good looking

outfits, participate in family prayers, typically to Lkashmi. After that

fireworks follow.

Millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows,

around temples and other buildings in the communities. Lamps,

candles and electrical light are used commonly for the same. Sweets

are eaten and gifts exchanged.

Deepawali also marks a major shopping period. amazon has special

offers for customers on a wide range of products and service. Even

special offers are seen across malls in the country.

Deepawali time is great time across India.

# 35. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 35

1. A 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. A 9. C 10. B

The Taj Mahal means the Crown of the Palace. It is an ivory white marble

mausoleum located on the bank of the Yamuna river. It is in the Indian city

of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan.

It has the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The tomb is the

centrepiece of the 42-acre complex. It includes a mosque and a guest house.

It has formal gardens bounded on three sides by a wall. Its construction was

essentially completed in 1643. But work continued on other phases of the

complex for another 10 years. The Taj Mahal complex is believed to have

been completed in its entirety in 1653 at an estimated cost of over Rupee 3

crore at the time.

The construction is believed to have employed around 20,000 artisans.

They worked under the guidance of a board of architects headed by the

court architect to the emperor, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983

for being "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired

masterpieces of the world's heritage". It is regarded by many as the best

example of Mughal architecture and a symbol of India's rich history. The Taj

Mahal attracts 7–8 million visitors a year. In 2007, it was declared a winner

of the New 7 Wonders Of the World initiative.

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McDonald's was founded in 1940 as a restaurant in California.

It was rechristened as a hamburger stand.

In 1955, Ray Kroc, a businessman, joined the company as a

franchise agent. He later on purchased the chain from the

McDonald brothers.

McDonald's is the world's largest restaurant chain by revenue.

It had over 36,900 outlets as of 2016. It serves over 69 million

customers daily in over 100 countries. It was reported by BBC

in 2012 that McDonald's was the world's second largest private

employer, 1.5 million of whom worked for its franchises.

Although McDonald's is known for its hamburgers, they also sell

cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items,

soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts. As a response to

changing consumer tastes as well as a negative perception about

the unhealthiness of its food, it has added salads, fish, smoothies,

and fruit to its menu.

# 37. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 37

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I read the following in the website of Nestle. I am sharing this with

you for information.

We wish to reassure our consumers that Maggi Noodles are 100%

safe for consumption.

We strongly reiterate that at no stage of the manufacturing process,

ash is added to Maggi Noodles. You may have seen some media

reports on this issue.

It is a case of applying standards basis an old advisory issued in

2015. Now, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

has laid standards for Instant Noodles, Pasta and Seasoning.

Maggi noodles are fully compliant with this.

While we have not yet received the order passed by the Adjudication

Officer, we understand from the information available that the relevant

samples are of the year 2015 and the issue pertains to “Ash content”.

In the spirit of complete transparency and basis information available,

we are uploading the analysis reports (which appeared to have been

used by the adjudication officer) here on our website. As you will

notice, Maggi Noodles is fully compliant with the standards set by


MAGGI noodles have always been safe for consumption and will

continue to be.

# 38. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 38

1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. C

Let me share with you how to have homemade pani puri.

You need to know how to make three things – puri, pani and stuffing.

First I will tell you how to make puri.

Mix sooji, maida, baking soda and salt in a wide mouth vessel. Now add

warm water little by little to knead a stiff dough. The stiffness should be

same as for the puris. Cover it with a damp muslin cloth and keep it aside

for 30 mins.

Now make small equal lemon sized balls of the dough. Do remember to

keep them covered with damp muslin cloth while making more balls.

Now with the help of some dry maida, roll out thin rotis. Make them round

with the help of a round cookie cutter or lid of any container.

Now let me tell you how to make pani.

Grind in a hand blender coriander, mint leaves and green chillies to make

a fine paste. Mix all the ingredients of the pani along with the green paste.

Dissolve the gur properly. Adjust the spices and tanginess according to taste.

Strain through a wire strainer to remove any rough bits. Keep in the

refrigerator for 2 -3 hrs before serving.

Now the last thing. How to make the stuffing. In a bowl mix yellow peas,

roughly mashed potatoes and salt. Keep it aside.

So, now you can make puri, pani and the stuffing. Try it out this

weekend and have a great time with family and friends.

# 39. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 39

1. C 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. B 10. A

Vihaan Patel aged 27 considers himself a simple man. He has a normal

job and a loving wife. His wife was never one for stability or long-term


To make ends meet, Vihaan has been shuffling jobs for the past 9 months,

working anywhere from a temporary desk job to a local supermarket. It

wasn't until his morning shift at his local Domino's 2 weeks ago that it

appeared Vihaan would be “getting out” forever.

Just like any day, Vihaan showed up for his morning shift at Domino's,

but what happened on his break would change his life forever.

While browsing Facebook on his break, Vihaan came across an online

site giving away 150 free spins.

With nothing to lose and 15 minutes of free time, he decided to try his

luck. What happened 10 spins and 9 minutes later would change his

fate forever.

In one single spin, Vihaan won the progressive jackpot at Grand Mondial

Casino, cashing out on Rupees 9 crore in a matter of 5 seconds. Having

won more than enough to instantly retire in a single spin, his fast food

job came to an abrupt end.

Next morning, Vihaan realized that he could now finally travel to surprise

his wife Aanya who has been working long distance for nearly seven


Luck can shine on you without notice. Vihaan's life is an example of the


# 40. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 40

1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. C 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. C

Pizza has a huge potential to be healthy but has

unfortunately been ruined by the fast food industry.

Pizza can be healthy if made properly, but today's

fast food industry has hijacked a healthy meal and

turned it into a food that should be eaten sparingly.

“Fast food pizza” is unhealthy because of its ingredients.

Fast food pizza is made on a white crust that is filled

with refined carbohydrates. These refined or processed

grains are stripped of most of the healthy nutrients in the

name of taste. What is left is a grain that contains a lot

of calories but little in the way of any nutrients such as

vitamins, minerals or fiber. Fast food pizza is also loaded

with cheese, fatty meats and salt, all of which can increase

your risk for cardiovascular disease. Pizza remains one of

the most popular foods in our culture and if you love it,

don't stop eating it, simply make it healthier.

# 41. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 41

1. B 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is not only a central religious place of the Sikhs,

but also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. Everybody, irrespective

of cast, creed or race can seek spiritual solace and religious fulfilment without

any hindrance. It also represents the distinct identity, glory and heritage of the


As advised by Sri Guru Amar Dass Ji who was the third Sikh Guru, Sri Guru

Ram Dass Ji started the digging of Amrit Sarovar, the Holy Tank of Sri Harmandir

Sahib Sahib in 1577 A.D. It was later on brick-lined by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji in

1588. He also started the construction of Sri Harimandir Sahib. Sri Guru Granth

Sahib, the scripture of the Sikhs, after its compilation, was first installed at Sri

Harmandir Sahib in 1604.

The Golden Temple in Amritsar has a unique Sikh architecture. Built at a level

lower than the surrounding land level, the Gurudwara teaches the lesson of

humility. The four entrances of this holy shrine from all four directions, signify

that people belonging to every walk of life are equally welcome.

Describing it through words does not do justice. A visit provides an experience

of a lifetime.

# 42. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 42

1. A 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. B 10. C

Diilli Haat is an open-air food plaza and craft bazaar located in Delhi.

It is run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation.

One has to pay for entering it.

Unlike the traditional weekly market, the village is permanent. It is

located in the commercial centres of South Delhi, opposite I N A market.

The 6 acres of land on which this complex is situated was salvaged

as part of a reclamation project and transformed into a plaza.

Extensive foundation work, small thatched roof cottages and kiosks

give the plaza a village atmosphere. Some shops are permanent but

other sellers are rotated, usually for fifteen days.

Products offered may include rosewood and sandalwood carvings,

embellished camel hide footwear, sophisticated fabric and drapery,

gems, beads, brassware, metal crafts, and silk and wool fabrics.

A number of shows promoting handicrafts and handlooms are held

at the exhibition hall in the complex. To sell wares, there is

an application process and spaces are allocated according to which

state the seller is from.

In all, Diilli Haat, I N A Market has 62 stalls allotted on a

rotational basis to craftsmen a payment of Rupees One hundred

per day for a maximum period of 15 days.

# 43. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 43

1. C 2. C 3. B 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. B 10. C

White tigers is a popular animal at zoos. Not all zoos have it.

It is their unique white color fur that creates great interest

around them.

The white Bengal tigers are distinctive due to the color of their

fur. The white fur caused by a lack of the pigment pheomelanin,

which is found in Bengal tigers with orange color fur. When compared

to Bengal tigers, the white Bengal tigers tend to grow faster and

heavier than the orange Bengal tiger. They also tend to be somewhat

bigger at birth, and as fully grown adults. White Bengal tigers are

fully grown when they are 2–3 years of age. White male tigers reach

weights of 200 to 230 kilograms and can grow up to 3 meters in length.

As with all tigers, the white Bengal tiger's stripes are like fingerprints,

with no two tigers having the same pattern. The stripes of the tiger

are a pigmentation of the skin; if an individual were to be shaved,

its distinctive coat pattern would still be visible.

For a white Bengal tiger to be born, both parents must carry the

unusual gene for white colouring, which only happens naturally

about once in 10,000 births. Dark-striped white individuals are

well-documented in the Bengal tiger sub species as well as having

been reported historically in several other sub species.

Several hundred white tigers are in captivity worldwide, with about

one hundred being found in India.

# 44. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 44

1. B 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. A

Rasgulla is a syrupy dessert popular in the Indian sub continent.

It is made from ball-shaped dumplings of chhena and semolina dough.

Chenna is an Indian cottage cheese. The dumplings are cooked in light

syrup made of sugar. This is done until the syrup permeates the dumplings.

The dish originated in East India. The present-day states of Odisha and

West Bengal have both claimed to be the birthplace of rasgulla.

In 2016, a committee formed by the government of Odisha asserted

that the sweet had originated in Odisha,where it is offered at the

Puri Jagannath Temple in the form of a variant known as "Rasagola".

In 2015, the West Bengal government applied for a Geographical

Indications (GI) tag for the variant called "Banglar Rasogolla" or the

Bengali Rasgulla, clarifying that the Bengal and Odisha variants were different

in "colour, texture, taste, juice content and method of manufacturing."

In 2017, when West Bengal received the GI status, the GI Registry clarified

that the tag was only for "Banglar Rasogolla", and should not be seen as

a decision on the sweet's origin.

According to historians of Odisha, the rasgulla originated in

Puri, as khira mohana, which later evolved into the Pahala rasgulla. It has

been traditionally offered as bhog to goddess Lakshmi at Jagannath Temple, Puri.

According to the local legend, Laxmi gets upset because her husband Lord

Jagannath goes on a 9-day sojourn, the ratha yatra, without her consent. So,

she locks one of the temple gates and prevents his convoy from re-entering the

sanctum sanctorum of the temple. To appease her, Jagannath offers her rasgullas.

This ritual known as Bachanika, is part of the "Arrival of the God" observance,

which marks the return of the deities to the temple after the Rath Yatra.

According to the Bengali culinary historian Pritha Sen, in the

mid-18th century, many Odia cooks were employed in Bengali homes who arguably

have introduced Rasgulla along with many other Odia dishes. According to another

theory, it is possible that the Bengali visitors to Puri might have carried

the recipe for rasgulla back to Bengal in the nineteenth century.

# 45. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 45

1. A 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. B 9. A 10. C

Last month in December, 2017 there was a gathering at the Shaheed Smarak in

Dhanbad's Chasnala mine.

Josu Mahtai aged 58 years was there mourning for her husband among the 375

who died when the Chasnala mine was flooded on December 27, 1975.

Josu, who got a job in her husband's place, has since built herself a home, has

married off her daughter and is looking ahead to retirement. She is one of the few

who retain first-hand memories of the country's worst coal mining disaster.

Forty years later, many from Josu's generation have retired. Some families have

gone back to their homes, the children of some are settled in other cities, and the

few victims' children still here, who have been handed over the jobs initially given

to their mothers, were too young in 1975 to remember now.

If you ask anybody, he will repeat what has been heard many times. Of the people

who went through the tragedy, very few remain. The Shaheed Smarak is painted

th ahead of 27 December 27 each year. Families and officials pay tribute. After that,

it is business as usual. The memorial, initially near the entrance to the mine, was

shifted to a park in 1997 and renovated in 2008.

The day of the tragedy, an explosion was carried out to create a ventilator in the

mine near an abandoned, waterlogged quarry. An estimated 30 to 40 million gallons

flowed in. Josu Mahtai recounted how she had to wait three months for the body of

her husband, Subhash, who was in his early twenties. “But there was no body, only

the skeleton. The belt and battery lamp number were all that was left,” she said.

This was how a large number of the dead were identified.

That afternoon, Josu was cooking when she heard an explosion. “I saw people rushing

to the entrance from where the lift took miners inside. They were shouting, 'The

mine is flooded'.” Day after day, Josu Mahtai and her father-in-law waited at the

entrance for news. This was where many women, one by one, were told their husbands

were dead. Hundreds of bodies were inside but they didn't have the means to remove

the water,” said Ram Lal Raut, then a teenager, now due to retire from the job he

got as compensation for the death of his father Shiv Lakhan Raut. “Pumps

were brought in from Russia and Poland, those took a week. It took almost

a month to dry the mines.”

It was a tragedy that had shook India then. The pain of those who went

through it can't be written.

# 46. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 46

1. B 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. B

Yesterday was a dark and stormy night.

I was alone at home and about to go to bed, when I saw a shadow figure

at my bedroom window. It was a scary sight. Just then there was a flash

of lightning followed by a loud thunder.

I think I saw a tiger's face followed by a scary roar at the window.

It seemed as if it was the tiger from the nearby circus that had been

announced missing. I felt very scared. I pulled my quilt over my head.

I started to scream for my parents but there was no reply. Then I

remembered they had gone out to see someone at the hospital. I peeped

out of my quilt but it could not see anything in the dark. Just then

I heard the sound of footsteps. The sound got louder and louder.

Soon the sound of footsteps died off. Our clock struck 11. I tried

to sleep, but couldn't. I was full of scary thoughts. After some

time passed, I somehow fell asleep.

I woke up late in the morning. I was told by my mother that the

missing tiger had been caught around dawn by the forest officials.

I got a feeling of great relief. I then told my mother about last

night. She was shocked at what I went through. She decided that

either my father or she will be at home during night. Both won't

go out together.

I loved being home alone, but no more during night time.

# 47. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 47

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B

There lived a crane by a small lake. It used to catch fish and

eat them. But it had now become old and was unable to catch fish

like before. At times he went without food for many days together.

It thought of having a plan else it would not live for long. It

came up with a plan after few days. It sat at the water's edge

looking depressed and thoughtful.

In the same lake lived a frog who was friendly and thoughtful.

As it went past, it noticed how the crane looked.

The frog asked the crane, “Why are you looking so sad my friend?"

“What can I say," said the crane in a low voice. “Something bad

is going to happen."

“What is that?" asked the frog immediately.

“On my way to the lake today morning, I heard a wise man say to

this friend that there will be no rains for the next four years.

This lake will almost dry up and we may all die.

The crane further said, “I am quite old. It does not matter if I

die. But all of you are so young. There is so much for you to


The frog was also sad to here this. He went and told others in

the lake, including the fishes. They were all filled with

terrible feeling fear. All wondered what to do. No one wanted

to die early. They went and asked the crane for guidance. After

a day the crane told them, “There is a very big lake in the

neighbouring town. If you wish I can take you all there one

at a time." All the fishes agreed with the idea.

Every day, the crane flew away with a few fishes one by one.

It used to hold a fish between his long beak and then take

the flight. There was a banyan tree a small distance away.

He would first go there and eat the fish. He did this a few

times each day. After few months, the frog asked the crane,

“When will you take me to the other lake.?"

One day he took the frog. He did the same to the frog as it

had been doing with the fishes. He enjoyed frog meat after

continuously having fishes.

# 48. Questions : AUDIO CLIP 48

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. C

Once a lady was travelling in a passenger train. She felt hungry and got down

at a station in search of some snack to eat. No sooner had she reached the food

stall that the engine whistled. And it started moving. She ran back but missed

the train.

She went back and had some food. As there was no train that day she spent

the night at the station. The next morning, she was informed that the next train

was on the following day.

She went out in search of a place for a day's stay. She reached a small house

near a bridge. The owner let her stay there for a day. That day the owner

served her food as well. He took no money for all this.

At night a middle aged man entered the house and demanded the owner to pay

his old debt. The owner he had no money to give. The man cursed him and went

away after some time.

The lady realised the owner of the house was in need of money. The next

morning before leaving for the station she left an envelope on the table.

When the owner saw it later in the day he opened it. He found a note inside.

It read, "You are a kind man and very helpful. I know you have a debt to

repay. So here is some money. Hope it will help you to some extent.”

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