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SPELLer BEE ... "ALL" FREE for one and all WORLDWIDE

Give your child the SPELL INDIA ADVANTAGE

a SPELL BEE ACADEMY initiative


Let us together help CHILDREN know the CORRECT SPELLING.

Dear Parents of Geethanjali The Global School,

Sub : H&D Scholarship program for all the students of Geethanjali The Global School

Greetings to you from SPELL BEE ACADEMY!

We are in the forefront of Spelling Learning initiatives.

We have authored the maximum number of Spelling books for 'multiple' spell bee exams. We are the only one to do so worldwide.

We conduct Spelling Tests across countries/continents, every week for students (Junior KG till Class 10).

We are glad to present 'ALL' Free SPELL BEE worldwide program for your school. This is an annual program.

Your school has registered with us for the 'ALL' Free SPELL BEE program. We truly appreciate your school's association. We thank the management for the same.

The school's registration with us entitles all the students of the school to H&D Scholarship. As part of this Scholarship program each student can register for SPELLer BEE. Then get learning material on our website, and give two rounds of spell bee exams. Each student will not be required to pay any fee for the above, now or later.

Parents will HAVE TO register their child directly.

SPELLer BEE program : Salient Aspects

SPELLer BEE is a "FIRST LEARN and THEN TEST" opportunity for all students worldwide.

# Children from Senior KG (a year before Class 1) to Class 10 can participate in this.

# ANY child from ANY country can register ANY day for this.

# Child's school must be registered with SPELL BEE ACADEMY.

# Any school in any country can register any day with SPELL BEE ACADEMY.
No fee for the same.


Learning material are provided after registration for a particular level.

Learning material - WORD LISTS - will be shared in two lots at our website.

Parents can contact author vide email for any query related to the study material.


There will be two rounds of tests - PRELIM and FINAL.

Each test will be conducted in an online class. All questions / words will be asked from the learning material provided only.

Details on the exam process / schedule will be provided to parents only before the test. All related queries will be answered then. We will communciate vide email.

PRELIM will happen within 2-3 months of the school's communciation to the parents.

All who appear for the PRELIM exam will be eligible for the FINAL exam. No screening will be done based on the performance in the PRELIM exam. We do not believe in creating boundaries to learning. All deserve equal learning opportunity.

# Levels

There are 11 levels depending on the class / grade of the child.

Level 0 : Senior KG (one year before Class 1) onwards
Level 1 : Class 1 onwards
Level 2 : Class 2 onwards
Level 3 : Class 3 onwards
Level 4 : Class 4 onwards
Level 5 : Class 5 onwards
Level 6 : Class 6 onwards
Level 7 : Class 7 onwards
Level 8 : Class 8 onwards
Level 9 : Class 9 onwards
Level 10 : Class 10 onwards


Certificate will be sent to each child by email after the final round only.


You need to send the following details at

This must not be sent by whatsapp.

1. Name of student :

2. Grade & Section of student in current academic year :

3. School of child : Geethanjali The Global School, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

4. Correspondence address of student (with PIN/ZIP code) :

5. email ID of parent :

6. Mobile number of parent :

7. Attach student's ID card image (It can be aadhar card or past year's school ID card) :

Should you need any clarification on the above do let us know. (Contact whatsapp +91 9820354672)

We look forward to your child's resitration for this program.

Best wishes,

whatsapp : +91 9820354672

PS : SPELL BEE ACADEMY is the vision of Debashis Pati. He wants SPELLING LEARNING to reach every child. And he wants it to become A HABIT. The H&D Scholarship program, world's 1st Spelling Scholarship Program since 2019, is fully funded by him.

He is a "Spelling Habit Creator" and the "author" of maximum number of preparatory books for 'multiple' Spell Bee competition exams. He teaches children across countries - Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and GK. He is a Phonics Teacher Trainer.

Come let us together help students of your school learn the CORRECT SPELLING!

SPELL BEE ACADEMY thanks you for your support.

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