Breaking News BRAINer BEE ... ... Spelling through Spell Bee Competition exams

Let us together help YOUR CHILD know the SPELLING!

Its about KNOWING THE WORDS ... with the correct spelling.

Salient points follow:

# ANY child from ANY country can register ANY day for it.

# Children from Senior KG (a year before Class 1) to Class 5 can participate.

# One round of CERTIFICATE EXAM will be conducted.

# Question pattern will be as shared through our website. It will vary across grades.

# BRAINer BEE exam will be online and under our personal watch.

# If the participant is helped in any manner or the participant is found referring to anything, then the BRAINer BEE exam will be immediately terminated. No discussion on the same will be entertained.

# Camera and microphone has to be on throughout the session.

# No background setting allowed.

# No one should be near the participant. For attending to audio/ video someone can help only with prior permission. Permission vide audio else chat if audio issue is there.

# For all other issues our decision will be final.
Same will not be open for discussion.


Note : At times, it may take some time for this webpage to load. Your patience is solicited.

This webage link must not be shared with anyone else. It is for your private use only till the date of the exam.

Thanks for your understanding.

4. SPW : SINGULAR / PLURAL / WISE ... What's the one or many words.

If singular noun is shown, its plural has to be said. And if plural noun is shown, its singular noun has to be said.

After saying the same child has to state its spelling.

If DAISIES is shown then child has to say DAISY, and then its spelling.

And if GEESE is shown then child has to say GOOSE, and then its spelling.

The noun may or may not be shown along with a picture.

Answers : PLURAL

5. ITP : IDENTIFY THE PROFESSION ... What's the Naming Word?

Note : Regret the error in the title of the slides. (Find words from the table, is the error.)

Note : Soon we will share details of a book with many picture crosswords for practice. Purchase of the same will be optional (and will ahve no impact on the exam results.)

Here are PICTURE-WORD Tests ... from Phonics eStore